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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Doodle Tip #9 Illustrate your thoughts and ideas. Today my kids and I were looking up how to moonwalk on youtube. We discovered that it is a simple illusion that with some practice is an impressive trick, as we all know! Michael Jackson was a musican and a magician! This is a silly doodle but remember doodling is not so serious art! Have fun!



  1. ......And you did it again...Love your doodles. this one is great. Have you created a book that shows all of them that your create ?
    Just posted a Happy Valentines Day doodle..Please check it out. It is for everyone to enjoy...have a great day...

  2. life would be so dull if there were no doodles! great idea for a site!

  3. Oh Cinday, came by the first time and simply love this! This moonwalk could have been a cover! You are so amazingly creative. Have a great weekend


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